Friday, 21 June 2013

Prada Handbags

The name Prada is often associated with wealth, luxury, and elegance. While the company offers a wide range of products, they are perhaps best known for the Prada bag. recognized for its impressive quality and timeless design, it is not surprising that the brand is considered one of the most influential fashion houses of all time. Here are some of their most popular bags, both yesterday and today.

Saffiano Lux 1 double ZipperTote: made of cow leather, offers classic and simple, search, it can move up or down according to your plan. Available in traditional colors at a price of $ 1960. This bag is simply beautiful.

2. Saffiano calfskin and Cuir leather handbags: leather bag this is the perennial success that is perfect for day or night. The average price is $ 2,200.

Shoulder bag Cervo 3: stylish and elegant, showing the the Pebble Beach of the skin, resulting in a very soft feeling. It comes with a detachable strap so it can be a shoulder bag or hand. The average selling price is $ 2,450.

4. handle the top bowler: square design, has two small handles for transporting starts at $ 1,550 and come in a variety of colors. PushLock leather handbag: built by skin color, have a buckle flap closure. With an average retail-$ 1, 200.

5. Bag Vitello Daino-West: wheat butter soft calfskin feel make this bag. This bag is the perfect size for everyday use and retail at $ 2,230.

Vitello Daino side pocket 6 Hobo bag is a classic and elegant ambience. It has a big hole to find articles without having to dig up more easily. The average cost of $ 1, 430 and often sold out at many stores.

7 Die Gaufree: Tessuto with display of modern and avant-garde, this bag has a nylon ribbed body and a removable shoulder strap for versatility. Prices start at $ 1,290.

Leather Cervo Antik 8 shopper Tote: whole grain deerskin leather lends a soft, beautiful appearance spotted has been in many films of this bag. It is priced at $ 1,510, but often sold, so it's hard to find.

Unfortunately due to the popularity and the prices there are a lot of fake or replica, Prada handbags on the market. It's important that you buy the authentic bags make sure, here are some guidelines to follow to decide if to buy the bag. The seams should be small, perfectly aligned and have no end without loose. Prada hardware consists only of an antique bronze and rust or old look not-real so much. In the layer of black Prada logo (spelled correctly) with a light inside. Should Prada black and without Fitting the pattern. Treat yourself and buy the bag, if you think that there is an opportunity there, they don't have any original Prada.

Sometimes in life, there comes a time when every girl features to enjoy. If you have just graduated from College at birth, or Prada handbags experienced suffering great reward or support, you can do it through the tough times.

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