Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Two-piece swimsuit

5 popular swimsuit Style

Summer is here and it is time to think in the clothes. Swimsuit is around 1600. Since then, a swimsuit under many of the changes have been very early. Today is less about swimming and swimwear styles. From there almost to full size, swim, the trend for everyone's dress. This popular style of swimsuit 5 shows and remains a favorite.

Swimsuit plus two section is only for about 70 years. What started as a simple outfit, for years, have been redesigned. The Bikini was introduced to the outrageous comments in France in 1946. Since then, Bikini has several styles including myself were developed:

String bikini. This is cut and connected with 3 rope around the chest to reveal two pieces of material in the form of a triangle. Then have two triangles have a string at the waist and in the area of the connection.
Classic bikini. This is a style that observed in the years 60 and 70. With the top and bottom, the top bikini to bra.


This game might be one or two piece bathing suit. Bandeau refers to the fact that the strip of pleated material and assembled at the Center. Often as the bikini line, removable in a variety of styles of strips can be connected.

New drivers

This term has been applied since it was first used at the Olympic Games. Bearing in mind the freedom of movement of the arms, they have become more popular with the general public, as well as a competitive swimmer.


This is a one-piece swimsuit. It has a neck and neck strap tank. Thighs can be cut, high or low. The one-piece high give frequently, while the swimsuit as part of a beauty pageant.


This one-piece costume is a favorite design of pregnant women and women of size. With construction in the rock at the bottom, providing greater scope for the stomach, thighs, buttocks and hips rather than the standard one piece swimsuit.

Today there are literally hundreds of designers and styles of clothing. The two parts are very small for a costume piece total coverage, there's a style for everyone. If you are looking for a new suit, consider this popular style 5. You will definitely find something to suit the tastes of fashion.

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