Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Tips for bags

Like a bag that may be called for many needs in daily life with quality extend to preserve the functional use of very useful, qualitative. The use of cleaning agents and conditions of nylon, suede or leather case with easy-to-maintain can be regarded as new. Here are some tips to maintain the appearance of the main types of bags:

Nylon fabric bag

Substance or nylon bag is probably more durable when it comes to clean, but it is always important to follow the instructions that came with the bag. In General, the hands and pockets of warm water is easy to clean with a mild soap or detergent. If the dots are available, it may, through delete with wiping gently with a soft brush. After cleaning the nylon cloth bag of dry air or left in place, which is able to receive the source directly from sunlight.

Silk Suede bag

Bag silk vulnerable to stains and watermarks, generally recommended is against the use of these types of bags, cloudy, rain, or snow. Silk or suede bags ensure that ingredients used or damaged cannot be owned. NET specialists are often very desirable for these materials, ensuring that all brand the right way will be cleaned, make sure that the bag is a market or lose its shape is less likely.

Leather case

For leather handbags, assists with clean cloth to keep dust and dirt in a daily or weekly, depending on how the bag should be used. The monthly benefit is usually a complete Exchange with a clean install of a special leather saddle SOAP type. After cleaning the surface of the bag with cleaning solution, you have to leave to dry in the shade and the dark. The benefits of air bags in leather to prevent direct light Sun dried. After drying, it may use the cover of leather or soft and get the brightness of the materials. Also, if you have a major flaw on the surface of the skin, you should consider using the chalk dust to help with the removal of this brand.

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